Choppies began its operations in Zambia in 2015 November with its first store opened in Kanyama at Tafika Commercial Mall along Los Angeles Road. Within 2016, 9 stores were introduced spreading from Copper belt, Northwestern province, Lusaka Province and partly Southern Province. Footprint increased in 2017 and 5 more were opened stores across the country.


We are currently operating in 4 provinces in Zambia. Choppies is operating on a daily basis, holidays inclusive. Operating Hours are 8AM- 8PM

80% of our stored products are locally sourced from local suppliers that have partnered with us.

We believe that the partnerships created has the potential to increase traffic into our outlets with additional services under one roof.

We also seek to partner with more SMEs in expanding our distribution channel throughout the country and border towns where the public can easily access our house brands and we can build our brand on the Zambian market


As part of our strategy Choppies wishes to adopt a differentiation approach to the market, Based on the customers service we provide and the channels of our house brands to the Market. Our intention is to create products that are valued and perceived by the customer as unique as and better than the competitors. Choppies Zambia is well poised in this regard due to our highly skilled team and innovation in product development.


  • To: Be a strong responsive provider of consumer goods at affordable prices.
  • Give customers the best value for their money.
  • Bring products to semi- urban and rural areas.
  • Generate sustainable economic development by supporting local businesses and farmers and core value creation in the society.
  • Create new jobs and develop all employees to their highest potential and ensure proper skills transfer to the local workforce.

To be the best service provider of FMCG in Sub-Saharan Africa.